Friday, November 20, 2015

Introduction to PTE speaking test

Speaking test is to test your fluency of language. In speaking test you should be prepared and should know what you are going to speak. So you should practice at home as much as possible. This will help you to built your confidence level.

Before you sit for a test you can practice with someone if not possible try to speak in front of mirror and record yourself. So you can review your speaking by yourtself and it will be easy for you to point out your errors.

Types of questions in speaking test;

  • Read aloud
In this type of question you need to speak out the words or text that appears on computer screen. You need to read text loudly and clearly. You need to speak text up to 60 words.
  • Repeat sentence
In this type of question you have to repeat the same sentence after you hear. You will listen a recorded stentence and you repeat the same sentence clearly.
  • Describe image
In this you need to describe the image that apears on screen. You need speak how the image look like, what is it representing etc.
  • Re-tell lecture
You will listen or watch a lecture, understand that and re-tell that lecture in your own words.
  • Answer short questions
You will listen question and answer them with a single sentence or single or a few words.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Understanding of PTE

PTE test is  computer based test. It is availabe in two formats; PTE academic and PTE general test. This test is targeted for the non native english speakers who wish to study abroad. PTE test has four elements, they are:

  • Reading test
  • Listening test
  • Speaking test
  • Writing test

This whole test is of 3 hours. It is taken in one sitting in the computer in a secure test environment. This test generally test two skills together such as listening and reading or reading and speaking.
This is completely a online test system,  so results are out very quickly.  It takes only about 5 days to get your result. So this test is the best alternative for anyone who wants test result within a week.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

PTE as an alternative to IELTS

 PTE, Pearson Test Of English is an alternative to IELTS test. IELTS test is globally most popular test of English language . Many students are preparing for the IELTS test but unable to get test date in desired time. So students are experiencing problems to get admission to universities.

PTE is an English language test unlike IELTS. This test is accepted in any of the Australian Universities. Nowadays, Australia is the most common destination among many students especially for the nursing students. So, being prepered for PTE test would allow you to get admisson in universities of your choice in the time you desire.

Why PTE test? Here are some advantages of PTE test;

  • This is new test format of English language, so flow of students is less in compared to IELTS and TOEFL test and it is easier to get test dates.
  • You can get your results very quickly, within a week.
  • It is in both formats; academic test and general test are available.
  • Test centers are available in all the countries.
  • It is computer based test or online test

About the Blog

Nowadays, studying abroad is like a trend in developing countries. Many students go to foreign countires for study after completion of high school education. The reason behind this trend is well setted infrastructures, well equiped facilities and well qualified and experienced teaching professionals of the colleges and universities. Another reason is desire to widen their English language profiency.
As English language is main language for communication internationally, students of non English speaking countries need to prove their English language profiency to get admission in universities of English speaking ccountries. There are many designed test for English language globally like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, OET and so on. These different test are accepted in different universities according to their rules.
This blog is created to provided information  regarding English language test to the students who wants to go abroad for study. So keep isiting this blog and be benefited with different tips to improve your English language.